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Bespoke work for St Paul’s Cathedral (Cont.)

Well I thought that having teased you with the first two parts of the story I should tell you the end!

Mosaic Ceiling

I went to see my contacts at St Paul’s with samples of the work I had done for them – the moment of truth! I was happy with the work but of course it is their opinion that counts! Well all is well that ends well and they were very happy and have chosen a selection of pieces to go in their shop, along with three clock designs.

Mosaic Ceiling Mosaic Ceiling Mosaic Ceiling

Although I didn’t intend it that way a lot of the pieces ended up being photographs of the floor: mosaics, tombstones, patterned marble floor. Anyway I hope you like them, and next time you’re in the vicinity pop into the shop in the crypt to see my work, which I am informed, will be displayed prominently.

Mosaic Ceiling Mosaic Ceiling

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