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What a hole!

Having had a big holiday last year far from home (Latin America), we decided this year to make amends on the carbon footprint and have shorter holidays nearer to home. And Kent if you live in south east London really isn’t too far! In fact it made me wonder why we ever do need to go further as it was so green and luscious and beautiful. Plus we stayed in what must be the world’s prettiest cottage – “Hole Cottage”. Built at the end of the 16th century for a yeoman farmer and his family, it would originally have been part of a much bigger structure – never the dwelling of a poor person as one might perhaps think from the current size. But as a place for a few days tranquil break it is unsurpassable! Forget TV – there isn’t one there and even if you take your own you are in a hollow (hence the name Hole cottage) so there is no reception. You are forced to put your feet up, take it easy, read a book in the comfort of the tiny living room with its open fire. Alternatively you can get a bit sozzled and dance to Fat Boy Slim – not that I would do this!!!

Hole Cottage

You can rent Hole Cottage through the Landmark Trust which specialises in rather distinctive places to stay: lighthouses, towers, follies, country houses etc. As you would expect they are not cheap but having done Hole cottage I am now a convert and look forward to my next stay. I can’t wait!!!

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