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Matti from Stockholm ordered some Battersea Power Station cufflinks!

Whenever I get an internet order I always ask people how they managed to find my web site – after all I’m not exactly a big brand! So I was particularly intrigued to receive an order from Stockholm for some of my Battersea Power Station cufflinks! I received a lovely reply from Matti explaining how he was staying with his daughter who currently resides in the UK, when he saw the power station from her window and asked her what it was. As a big fan of 60s and 70s music he felt ashamed not to have recognised it from the famous Pink Floyd album cover – though personally I think he should forgive himself for that one! When he got back to Sweden he googled Battersea Power Station and amid the mass of information that came up – a little jewel – my web site! Thank you Matti for supporting a UK SME (small to medium size enterprise) – as I know I now am!

Battersea Power Station cufflinks

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