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ACE was simply ace!

I’m just back from the ACE (Association of Cultural Enterprises) annual convention where I exhibited at the adjoining trade fair. All the great and good of the heritage world were there (well almost all) and the atmosphere was convivial. As with many professional “worlds” it is a small one where almost everyone knows almost everyone. It was easy for the most part to get chatting to people and it was the most pleasurable trade show I’ve ever done (apart from the breakdown – all those steps!!).

Sadly I got to see almost nothing of Cardiff. We had a drinks reception at The Millenium Centre which is a great building – even in the dark - and a dinner at the National Museum which has a great collection – some of which we were able to peruse.

From a business point of view things seemed to go well - I say seemed because it’s the kind of show where you don’t actually take orders. But my work was much admired and I am hopeful that work will be forthcoming at some future date. Other exhibitors were delightful as they always are, which is always much appreciated by yours truly. So now back to London and the usual routine – hurrah- there is nowhere else I would rather be!

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