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Creating work for the Royal Albert Hall

How do you capture the grandeur and magnificence of The Royal Albert Hall on a 2cm square canvas? This was, and always is, the challenge for me. My contact there Daryl was hugely helpful as he is so enthusiastic about both the building and the prospect of having some lovely and unique work that captures the essence of it (hopefully!). He spent over an hour showing me the place from top to toe: from the balcony just below the frieze on the outside, and the top tier where the �A�s for Albert are topped by �V�s for Victoria (she loved him but was always aware of her God given superior rank!), to the bowels of the building � a vast area dug out below street level which allows huge pantechnicans to deliver props and costumes.

Royal Albert Hall column

Royal Albert Hall Stair

I hadn�t realised that the building is not in fact round but oval � which is not that obvious from the outside; nor that it was originally built as an art gallery! The acoustics of the place weren�t really right for music hence the installation of the ceiling �mushrooms� to dampen the echo � hugely unpopular when installed and yet evoking a certain fondness today.

Royal Albert Hall Ceiling

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