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Woke up with a longing to create....

Why is it we always start feeling creative in the night, when the convenient time to feel creative is during the day!

I woke up this morning and mentally made arrangements to shelve two existing ranges and create two more. Devising new ranges is almost (but not quite) as exciting as opening up the kiln with the new pieces in – and marvelling at my own ingenuity – ha ha!

I recently put up an image of some new cufflinks on my Facebook fanpage which were based on a photo I took of the aged stained white tiles lining the walls of the tunnel that leads from South Ken tube station to the museums. I love these cufflinks! They go back to my creative roots and link with the first ever range I did “London Wired” – based on photos of drains, railings, manhole covers, station roofs. They celebrate the urban, the grimy, the overlooked, the unappreciated, the beauty in the ordinary. Louise Bourgeois said of artists “we dig where we are” – and I feel a need to reconnect once more with the gritty unglamorous side of London. I’m not really sure what will constitute the rest of the range but I’m drawn to railway tracks, corrugated iron, steps... oh a million things...

Tiles from South Kensington tunnel cufflinks

And the other range – well that’s a surprise but not gritty at all – in fact rather high brow and refined . . . watch this space!

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