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Door number
Yesterday Dino made my world a little bit more beautiful by installing stained glass panels in my front door. They were the creation of Delia Scales aka Apollo Glass. Delia is a fellow Cockpit maker (Cockpit Arts) and has been creating exquisite stained glass for the last fifteen years. She does a mixture of repairs on original stained glass panels, creates traditional panels for properties of various periods, and she also does wonderful modern pieces as well.

Door detail

Because we live in a Victorian property we wanted to stick to a Victorian pattern. Having selected something that both Ian and I liked we then spent a couple of hours with Delia selecting glass colours and textures that we liked. Delia is wonderful at this. While fully embracing the aesthetic and wishes of the customer she draws on her vast knowledge of what has worked well before to guide you so that you end up with something well balanced in terms of shade, depth of colour etc.

I am a bit of a fuss pot in these things: if there is something about a thing I don’t like I will see only that thing, and it will drive me crazy. Delia was patient and understanding and we made a few tweaks along the way to make sure that we ended up with something that will bring joy to my life every day!

My only regret with the door is that we didn’t do it sooner – but maybe we just did it when the time was right – as we always do in life.

PS: The photos just don’t do it justice – it is infinitely more lovely!

Door detail

Front Door

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