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Iconic Lewisham and the Corporate Gift

(Also, see here the work created.)

The first two words of my title are almost never – perhaps even never paired! Lewisham was a great place to live (18 of my 29 years in London were spent here) but does it really have anything iconic to boast about? I was asked by the Mayor’s office to come up with some pieces of ceramic jewellery that celebrate the borough which could be given to visitors as a corporate gift. Well I like a challenge – after all I did do an Iconic Sheffield and an Iconic Leeds range.

Goldsmiths Building

And so I set about capturing some of the buildings and details that appealed to me! And the result was a rather eclectic series of images!

Catford Theatre

I swore I wouldn’t include the Catford Cat but in the end couldn’t resist it. Other images are less distinctive of the area – the Art Deco raised stone boat motifs from what remains of Cheesemans - but were a lovely thing to notice having overlooked them in my journeys along Lewisham High Street.

A sometime recipient of corporate gifts told me that they are usually just awful, so I’m hoping to raise the bar on this one!

Catford Cat

Horniman Museum Building Mural

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