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Battersea Power Station

Brought up in the North East, I first became aware of Battersea Power Station on the cover of Pink Floyd’s Animals album where it had a surreal quality, complete with flying pig. Apparently the inflatable pig broke loose from its moorings (tethered as it was to one of the towers) and started to float over towards Heathrow - temporarily becoming a danger to aircraft before finally landing in Kent. Pink Floyd had the launch of the album at the power station and cemented its iconic status in the national psyche.

Battersea Power Station cufflinks

Battersea Power Station Cufflinks

One of the largest brick buildings in the world, Battersea Power Station is one of only three buildings architecturally classified as "brick cathedrals". It was built in two parts, each with two chimneys. The turbine hall of the first was clad with Italian marble and has many Art Deco features, by the time the second was built there was less money around for such frippery and ornamentation, and stainless steel was used.

When I was creating my "Iconic London" range , the addition of Battersea Power Station was I think what they would now term a no brainer. Like many, I was fearful that the building would fall down before anyone got round to doing anything with it, so it’s good that it has taken on a whole new life as apartments. A friend of mine has bought one of the apartments and I look forward to visiting the building in its new role, I wonder if you can see any of that Art Deco interior still . . . Will report back.