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Bespoke work for St Paul’s Cathedral

St Paul’s cathedral cont: The key thing I learned on my trip to St Paul’s cathedral this time was that there is a staff lift to the Whispering Gallery! But if a member of the public gets in it they can’t in fact use it as you need a special electronic staff card to get it to move. Once you have used this it announces that you are “authorised to use the lift” and off you go! So there you are and I assumed that they just went up the steps like everybody else! So, I embarked on my photographic session at St P and blimey where do you start there is just so much of it!

Mosaic Ceiling

I found myself drawn to the more colourful mosaic filled end at first – though the austerity of the other end is undeniably beautiful too – in a more dare I say masculine way . . . Many of the things I find lovely and which photograph beautifully aren’t really suitable for my purposes in that they just don’t cut the mustard as an image on cufflinks, pendants etc. Sometimes the most unassuming shot of a seemingly insignificant detail turns out to be the best shot for me.

I attach some shots that I won’t be using but which I think are lovely anyway – for your delectation!

Inside of Dome
What I do hope to use are some shots of the mosaic ceiling, some of the mosaic floor in the crypt, some of the stunning black and white marble floor from the nave, a shot or two of the gorgeous masonry, and perhaps a pic of Nelson’s tomb – weathered, almost illegible, easy to overlook, and a reminder that we will of course one day all be dust, no matter how grand and impressive we may be during the brief span in our physical form. Hope you like the images.

Guilded Ceiling Image


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