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Great Pottery Throw Down 2021 week 3

I wasn't very excited by the prospect of people making fruit and a fruit bowl but still the show had its moments.

I felt that Shenyue was a worthy winner, I would have picked her myself. Sal's bowl was fresh and lovely, Jodie's bowl was very well executed but ultimately looked a little dull.

great pottery throwdown- Sal fruit bowl
I loved Lee's leaf shaped bowl, with the copper turning metallic on the edges, I thought it looked superb and showed off the fruit (slightly less well executed with the exception of the grapes) to great effect.

great pottery throwdown- Lee fruit bowl
Hannah and Peter both did well, but yes what a shame Peter glazed the bag, the contrast of the matte bag (as a paper bag is of course) with the sheen of the fruit would have looked great - and it was such a good idea! But hey, under pressure it must be difficult to engage brain and get everything right.

Henry was a bit of a surprise: I loved his yin yang bowl based on him and his brother, and the fruit looked pretty good too, though not entirely sure about the phallic element.

And Alon - what to say about Alon. Off on one of his great adventures again. Utterly bonkers as a concept but still very entertaining to have him on board. I would love to be proven wrong but I think it is a question of time before he blows it. But it will be a shame to lose such a crazy and adventurous guy, even if his ideas make me hold my head in my hands. The bowl was supposed to be functional - its function being to hold fruit . . . hey ho. I hope he is still in if they do the toilet making challenge (which personally I hate) just to see what he makes.

great pottery throwdown- Alon fruit bowl
Sad to lose Suz but she was the obvious candidate. What is more difficult is to predict who we will lose next week. For me Adam, Alon, Peter, Henry and Hannah all seem to me to be on a level (slightly below the others). . . so it all depends how the make suits them. I can't wait.