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Great Pottery Throw Down 2022 - Week 2

I liked the main make this week - clock with a pendulum - and I think the group divided in two for me: those who I think have the talent to make it through to the final, and those who though talented will probably fall by the wayside.

Possible finalists:


Unlikely to make it:


My favourites in the clock make were Lucinda’s “Ceroc" clock, Tom’s chicken and Cellan’s tent. If I had been judging I would probably have given Potter Of The Week to Tom as it was a really great piece, but Cellan’s tent was also very good in a much more understated way. Perhaps the temptation is always to go for the bright and flashy . . . . I also liked AJ’s chest, though it was undoubtedly ruined by the “dragon”, the texture and subtle colouring of the chest, and the detailing were excellent.

Lucinda’s ceroc clock also had special resonance for me as I met my own husband at Ceroc and this year we will celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary :)

The great pottery throwdown - lucinda ceroc clock
The great pottery throwdown - AJ dragon on chest clock.jpg

The great pottery throwdown - Cellan tent clock.jpg
The great pottery throwdown - tom chicken clock.jpg