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Great Pottery Throw Down 2022 - Week 5

Fabulous make this week - much preferred it to the raku. Making gnomes really tested the potters' hand building skills, their decorating skills and their ability to conceive an idea.

Feel desperately sorry for Cellan as it wasn't his bag. He is more minimalist and that is the antithesis of gnomes. But with Throwdown you have to be flexible, inventive etc.

Cellan's gnomes apart I thought everyone did really well. Personally I liked Anna's because of the wonderful facial expressions. But AJ's were unusual, and beautifully conceived and made. Jenny's winter sports gnomes were good too, Nick's surfers, and Tom's festival guys complete with whistle.

It must have been a really difficult decision for potter of the week.

The competition is really fierce now with Christine the most likely candidate to go next week.

This really is a very talented bunch of makers, and it is joy to see such progress and such wonderful work.

Next week 1960's - should be groovy.

The great pottery throwdown - AJ gnomes
The great pottery throwdown - Anna gnomes

The great pottery throwdown - Nick gnomes