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Great Pottery Throw Down 2022 - Week 7

A well deserved win by AJ this week. Not only did she demonstrate good design and making skills but the idea of making the head lighter than the body with less colour sponged on was inspirational. I looked up what a real beaver looks like and it doesn’t have such a cute round face but hey we can forgive her that. And her use of scraffito was peerless.

Also very impressive were Jenny’s make and Lucinda’s. Shame she lost her tail, but her badger was beautifully observed and again a great use of the scraffito technique.

For me Anna’s croc didn’t work so well, I think it was the bright green – are croc’s really that colour? Christine used the scraffito technique well though the model wasn’t quite right in terms of proportions, but the fish in the mouth was very good.

So, did Tom deserve to go? Yes because he failed to stick to the brief, which was to make a sculpture of an animal that would work as a lamp, and that was decorated using one colour in the scraffito technique to make the feathers/scales/fur come to life. And sadly he just didn’t do that. A shame as the octopus was great and an impressive make . . . though it didn’t work so well as a lamp.

So just the five left. My money is still on AJ, though Jenny or Lucinda could both steal it on the night. Just two more episodes to go I think and a very talented bunch of makers to slog it out . . . should make good viewing.

PS: the spot test was a real toughie this time . . . poor things, I did feel for them! Tom did particularly badly, perhaps another reason he had to go.
The great pottery throwdown - Wildlife lamp - AJ
The great pottery throwdown - Wildlfe lamp - Lucinda

The great pottery throwdown - Wildlife lamp - Jenny